long time no blog

however now blog….

i’ll visit you again,soon..

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if you have to say yes

it’s a pleasure to meet the holidays
i want to go home and i don’t want to go home.
time to take off the cloak and face the feard consequences.
I did make a choice.
I’ll open my palm and accept it.

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got to go…

need to sleep, this is getting happier…

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Love Hurts by INCUBUS

Tonight We Drink To Youth
While Holding Fast The Truth
Don’t Wanna Lose What I Had As A Boy

My Heart Still Has A Beat
Now Love Is Now A Feat
As Common As A Cold Day In LA

Sometimes When I’m Alone I Wonder
Is There A Spell That I Am Under
Keeping Me From Seeing The Real Thing

Love Hurts
But Sometimes Its A Good Hurt
And It Feels Like I’m Alive
Love Sings
when it transcends the bad things
have a heart and try me
Cause without love I won’t survive

I’m fettered and abused
I stand naked and accused
should I surface this one man submarine
I only want the truth
so tonight we drink to youth
I’ll never lose what I had as a boy

sometimes when I’m alone i wonder
is there a spell that i am under
keeping me from seeing the real thing

Love hurts
but sometimes its a good hurt
and it feels like I’m alive
love sings
when it transcends the bad things
have a heart and try me cause without love i won’t survive

Without love i won’t survive

love hurts
but sometimes it’s a good hurt
and it feels like I’m alive
love sings
when it transcends the bad things
have a heart and try me
cause without love i won’t survive

love hurts
love hurts
without love I won’t survive

love hurts
love hurts
without love I won’t survive

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BLOOPERS! beep,beep,beep,

this is XM of Wendy, how may I help you?

Thank you for Currently, i mean patiently waiting.

Can I hold you, can I put you on hold for a minute or two?

Opening Spiel: thank you for calling XM, What can I do for ou today?

HI…. ( dead air… forgot the name and the rest of the opening spiel…hahaha )

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8330824 and 8332110

Guys! got TWO radio sale today!
with the help of my ever dearest coach, MHELIZZA, yeah baby!
Shout to Everybody! the trainers, JONAS and MAY!
love you guys! miss my colleagues….
hope to see you everybody…..
miss you so much….

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sweet escape

the wide brown eyes
captured the rays of the golden fire
that rises every morning

the space in the mind
is filled with emptiness
when the clear glasses
cradled the fragile body

entangled the lifeless hands
so soft and smooth
sleep to escape

breathe deep
inhale the soul of solemnity
allow to crawl in you, weathered bones

the pieces in pieces
even in pieces
sink too
the white light put into the black bottle

there invision
not so far
not so near
with you
with me
let’s escape

EMO ako!
eto ang nagagawa ng walang tulog(ang hirap matulog) hehehe

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the first step is sometimes risky as what we always might percieve
so we tried to avoid the feeling of being at ease because it’s like you are in
the middle of nowhere

that’s how
I felt for my RDOT today…
Started at 1a.m. and ended 5 a.m.
did step in the platform in the prod, like a feather,
so lightweight yet so bizzare that I don’t want to walk at all

our number of the LCR who volunteered for the
RDOT was increasing, as well as the tension that surrounded
the stations
and the calls begin, and the portal of the calvary
was widely open.
We inflicted our own agony
however we were confident that we will make it through

yup, four hours , brief time,
and I did feel it was too short,

Even in the middle of the calls
their was a sudden change of the level of consciousness
I felt like my Sight was fading
It was the anxiety of recieving the calls

keep on opening every senses
reminding myself of what the BST trainer, JONAS,
and the PST trainer, MAE , kept on saying to us…

well, we did have the pleasure of today, never thinking of what the future
is instoring for us!
did our best, I think…
we did well because there were no moments
of crying a river,

Who would want to fail the people (JONAS AND MAE) who trusted your capabilities
your potentials
The people who lighted the candle
Keep the fire burning…
CHeers, for the good beggining!
for prosperity!


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miss you po trainer… hehehe

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Everything is in place…

home bound today…and I L-O-V-E this day… I travel with the empty mind for i had a 3 hour break of thinking, it’s when I close my eyes and be numb… although it’s a joy to be home, it’s here that pushed me to the edge of an unbearable pain… I don’t understand that even in this comfort zone of mine, I’m going through a lot of pain… Is it Grudges? guilt? love? I don’t know why I still feel this melancholic emotion… I tried to resort to my logic thinking for I know that it’s all in the mind, however I can’t explain the weight in my ventricles, veins, blood… my whole spirit is floating… I’m searching? or EVERYTHING IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE? What is this heart suffocating feeling? Is it hard to seek for answers? or I don’t settle for what is visible? I’m too blind to understand… I’m too deaf to accept… too naive… I’m too enthusiastic to search… I am happy… nevertheless AM I really happy? Is this genuine happiness? I don’t want to be me… I’m confused, at the same time contented… even me can’t understand myself… God may answer my queries, will you? please do… guidance…

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